Cell Jam?

I read recently that cell phone jamming is on the rise and I’m not surprised. People have gotten totally beyond rude with the way they use cellphones. They’re very often completely inconsiderate of the people around them that really DON’T want to hear half of their phone conversation (never mind all of it!).

These things have pretty sensitive microphones on them and can pick up very low speech. There’s no reason that anyone needs to get all loud and obnoxious with the things. Funny, they wouldn’t do that if they were using a old style hardwired phone.

Change Coming

Sometime in the next month or so this blog is going to undergo a few changes. Instead of being hosted on a subdomain it’s going to have it’s own full domain. Along the way, I’m probably going to think about other changes… like the theme.

This theme is good, but because it’s a fixed width, the text in the main column is scrunched together and makes things look a lot more cramped than they actually are. I also want to increase the color contrasts so that text is easier to read and so on.

Failing everything else I’ll go ahead and use the theme generator I mentioned a while back, but while that site does make some very nice looking themes, It also includes some rather nightmarishly hard to follow stylesheets that make fine tuning things anywhere from difficult to bloody well nigh impossible.

I’m going to spend time looking over themes for the next week or two. Anyone that knows about a good source of themes (besides the wordpress theme site) that will at least show screenshots of the themes (it’d be ideal to be able to see ’em on a test blog of course), please leave a comment here with the urls

Micro$oft May Have Torpedoed Linux Deal

I just saw another one of THOSE headlines over on internetnews.com: Microsoft Denies Nigerian Linux Scam.

It seems that the Nigerian government was working out a deal to buy a whole mess of pc’s with Mandriva Linux as the OS… except that all of a sudden they’re going to be replacing the OS with Windows.

Excuse me but I can’t help thinking that the simple fact that Micro$oft is making plenty of noise about how they didn’t do anything wrong makes me suspicious right off the bat. My thought is that sooner or later we’ll find out that somebody there had the brilliant idea to squash that deal as part of their campaign to eventually take over the world’s operating system and software choices.

Move Over YouTube, GodTube is Here to Stay

I think it’s starting to become a trend, a healthy trend at that, where popular things in modern society find themselves competing against Christian based versions of themselves. For example, in order to provide a Christian friendly online equivalent to MySpace, MyChurch.org was created. In spite of the extreme popularity of it’s secular counterpart, MyChurch.org can boast over 77,000 members with over 51,000 blogs and growing.

These days one of the biggest things around is YouTube. You see videos all over the Internet that are hosted there. Now there is GodTube.com, a Christian equivalent of YouTube that is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s got over 25,000 videos already and more are being added every day.

It’s kind of refreshing really, to have a site like that where you can find Christian oriented material without having to sift through YouTube looking for it.

A New Beginning

If you’ve ever been to the original Dilithium Crystalworks, then you’ll already be familiar with what this version is going to be because over the next month or two I’m going to stop posting on the old site and move all new Dilithium Crystalworks postings to this new version of the site.

Why the move?  Because for SEO purposes it’s better to have a unique domain name than to have a subdomain and now I have the ability to get and host a domain just for this blog.