Canine Arthritis

I have to say that while I’ve heard of all manner of diseases and such that dogs, cats and other pets can have, I had never heard of dogs having arthritis problems.

Oh I’ve heard a few people say such things about they’re pets but I always figured it was them deciding that this was the case when it was probably something else. Then recently I saw H3nry (yes, it’s actually spelled that way, somebody was sloppy and there was a typo on his birth certificate and nobody ever thought it was worth the time and money to get it fixed) at the Nutjob Hills Diner.

He was talking about a recent trip to the vet because his dog was acting like it was in pain all the time. As it turned out, after a number of lab tests and such the diagnosis was actually osteoarthritis. Thus H3nry ended up with a bottle of that he was giving his dog. After a couple of days of this the dog was acting a lot more like his old self.

I have to say I don’t envy H3nry. He’s going to be giving those pills to that dog for a long time to come. I’ve given pills to dogs (and worse yet, cats). While it’s often needed it is also a royal pain to do because they don’t understand that it’s to help them. All they know is that you’re trying to force them to eat something they don’t want.

E-016- Skills Error – TFC Plays EvE Online

Back when I started I had made a pretty big mistake in the way that I prioritized skill training so in this video I was trying to fix that. I have to say though that while this was an improvement, I ended up spending the next several months getting my skill training straightened out.

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E-015- Jita – TFC Plays EvE Online

Once the tutorial missions were done I decided it was time to make a trip to Jita and sell the stuff I had been making and buy something that all the Isk I had earned from mining has been meant for.

A couple of notes here.

1, when I recorded this I had forgotten to turn the game sounds down and sometimes they get a bit loud.

2, Back then I was still quite new to Eve and I made mistake after mistake in this trip to Jita. If you take any lessons from it consider it examples of what NOT to do… like selling to buy orders when you don’t need to sell super fast and many more. Frankly, I was re-watching this before posting and seeing what I did back then makes me cringe now.

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Door To Door Bob

I honestly wonder when the “Bob Rumors” will ever stop. Especially since the alleged “reason” for them has long since ceased to be even remotely valid.

I heard another one recently in which the rumormonger in question insists that Bob has gone into the insurance business with a Mr. don allred. Now I don’t know anything about mr. allread however I do know a thing or six about Bob. Several of which add up to the fact that you’re never going to catch him doing the door to door thing.

Not only is it not his style, he’d wear himself out in just one block. Remember, given his much smaller size his legs are only about an inch long. It takes him 10 times as much energy and work to travel the same distance as a human.

Oh yeah, People forget don’t they.

Bob is a gerbil.

E-014- Kobiyashi Maru – TFC Plays EvE Online

It’s now time to finally finish up the last part of the advanced military tutorial.

Of course you *know* there’s gonna be a test. Right?

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