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From time to time I will publish posts that are entirely or partially fictional in nature. I leave it up to the reader to determine which posts are fictional and which are true.


Dilithium Crystalworks is a personal blog written and edited by me. In it I write about things that interest me and/or that I feel need to be mentioned. From time to time I will be writing about and / or linking to products, services, websites and assorted other topics in entries that one or more advertisers provide resources and or revenue in exchange for.

Any claims, statistics or other statements about a product or service mentioned on this blog should be verified with the manufacturer or provider thereof. I don’t endorse any particular product or service unless that’s actually what I choose to do so. In any event, the opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own regardless of the topic and whether or not an entry or link is connected with any gathering of resources, financial or otherwise.


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